Many people don’t realize that making the change to consume a strictly ketogenic diet is actually a complete lifestyle change that will affect many aspects of their lives. It not only changes your food choices but completely restructures your metabolism. Some people think that it will be a quick and easy weight loss diet and once they’ve reached their goal weight they can go back to carbs and sugar. However, that can not only upset your body, but throw your metabolism off. It’s always important to do your research before starting any major dietary changes as there’s a lot more to sustaining your body on a keto diet that what you read on social media. Here are eight things to keep in mind whether you are thinking about or starting a keto diet.

Week One is Not Exactly Fun

Going from a diet full of carbs and sugars into one mainly focused on fat and protein can be a difficult adjustment for your body. Many people think they will see instant results immediately upon starting the ketogenic diet and that just isn’t true. It usually takes your body two to three days to enter a state of ketosis, which is where it starts burning ketones (which come from fat) instead of glucose (which comes from carbohydrates). Also during the first week, your body is craving sugar, which can hit you hard and make you feel ill and lethargic. This is the time when many people quit, thinking the keto diet isn’t as great as it seems or may believe that their body won’t be able to handle the process. It’s important to stick with it through this week as the benefits and results are soon to come.

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