Having COPD is a rough thing to go through. Doctors don’t give you any hope of regaining lung function even though it’s common knowledge that every part of the body, including organs, can regenerate if given the right nutrients and time.What if you could improve your COPD on your own? You can! By examining your daily habits, you could identify the ones that are contributing to the worsening of your COPD Symptoms.Here’s a list of four things to avoid with COPD which may be worsening your COPD Symptoms:

1-Not cleaning the cat’s litter box often. Did you know that cat’s litter is teeming with microbes? Microbes are so small that they can become airborne with ease, heading straight into your lungs with each breath inwards. Once they set up shop there in your lungs, they become focal points for infection and inflammation, thus worsening your condition.Consider allowing your cat to roam outside to do his business, or clean the cat litter long before there’s a smell to it. You might even consider changing it twice as often as what’s recommended.

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