COPD Weight Loss

COPD Weight loss is a sign of severe. At this point, inflammation of the lungs has gotten so severe that the lung volume has actually expanded in size. This reduces the amount of space between the lungs and your stomach, and when you eat, the two organs can push against one another and become quite uncomfortable. You might find COPD breathing even more difficult. Such sensations may ultimately discourage you from eating.

Certain foods are also triggers for worsening symptoms of COPD. This might also discourage you from eating regular, healthy meals. Some copd triggers include:

  • high-fiber foods
  • carbonated drinks
  • caffeine
  • salty foods
  • spicy foods
  • eating too fast

Breathing itself is also a natural calorie burner. You need to eat to sustain all body functions, including those of the lungs. According to the Cleveland Clinic, damaged lungs can burn as much as 10 times more calories than normal, healthy lungs. Even if you do have a good appetite, this phenomenon can lead to unintentional COPD Weight loss.

Sometimes the COPD Weight loss is caused by resulting mental health issues. COPD Diagnosis changes your life in many ways and it can be difficult to cope with the disease. It’s not uncommon to experience depression and anxiety along with this disease. Such mental health changes affect everyone differently: while some tend to eat more and gain weight, others lose weight from Gastric Bypass Diet.

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